Class #6 of the 7 needed

I am almost there! I attended the 6:15am sunrise yoga class at Charleston Community Yoga featuring Stacy Gervon as the instructor. It was difficult getting out of bed this morning, but I am on a mission. This was class #6. Class #7 is well within reach and maybe even class #8. One breath at a time. I am focused. I can do this. I will do this.

Today I got my lavender towel. Not that my performance in the last class was diminished because I didn’t get it, the ending is much sweeter when it is on my face. And isn’t that what life is all about, sweetness tempered with all of the rest? Well, that is what I think.

Today I actually enjoyed being in child’s pose. Let me explain. Yes, I relish going there when I need to back out of something, get tired, overwhelmed or whatever. It is my safe place to be. But today was different. While I was there, I actually ‘felt what I felt and found the sweetness’ as my instructor Stacy often says. For some reason today I transcended from being in the pose to actually ‘being’. I felt sensations and my mind was open to receive what the universe had to offer me.

Child’s pose is not a weak pose. It has many benefits including:  releasing tension in the back, shoulders and chest, alleviating stress and anxiety, lengthening and stretching the spine the hips, thighs and ankles, tendons and ligaments in the knee normalizing circulation throughout the body, calming the mind and body and encouraging strong and steady breathing. That is a lot for one pose, one seemingly easy pose.

I think I had my best should stand today as well. Whether real or imaginary, my legs were ultra straight and I felt very strong. I wonder if the fact that I did not run this morning had anything to do with the noticeable difference in my practice. Or am I becoming more in tune with what my body needs, what it can do, and how it feels? Could it be that I am maturing in my practice? Can pretzelness be far from here? It doesn’t matter, it is what it is. I just need to feel it and let it go and hope it returns for class #7, which will be Thursday, 6pm. Feel free to join me. Classes are only $8.

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