Classes #7 and #8 of the needed 7

I DID IT! I managed to get the 7 classes that I needed to make the unlimited pass worth my money plus one extra. Yippee for me! Thanks Stacy and Charleston Community Yoga for an awesome time.

And number seven was super sweet. First, Lululemon came and gave us all coconut water and headbands. I love a good headband and chocolate coconut water ROCKS. I started off loving the pineapple one, but quickly switched to the chocolate. I still like the pineapple one, but I reserve that one to mix with rum. No mistake, I said RUM. Delicious.

The other reason class #7 was sweet is that I held my crow for longer than a second and for the first time ever; I managed to touch the floor with my feet during plow. Yes, on my back with my feet over my head and not only did they touch the floor I was able to grab them with my hands. Yes, I am so on my way to pretzelness!

Yin was class #8. I used my breath and was able to get a deeper stretch than the class before. I know, I know that every time I step on the mat it is a different day. I have a different body and I should not compare, but I do and I did. I see progress.

Of course I wanted to scream while in pigeon for a million minutes and tray as I might I just could not find the ‘sweetness’ this time. Maybe next time. One thing for sure, I will sleep very well tonight. I put everything I didn’t need on the mat and hope I left it there.

I am going to attempt to get in one more class before I head to Alabama. So join me Sunday at 10am for class #9.





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