Ready, Set, Spin!

I did another thing. After taking every spin class at Anniston Aquatics and Fitness Center and exhausted with my job search, I decided to become a certified spin instructor. And shortly after that, I have been teaching classes regularly on Thursday afternoons at 5:30 pm.

Come and join me.

Don’t worry if you are over a certain age! Spinning is great for all age levels and abilities. My dad and a few of his friends joined the class (not that I am calling my dad or his friends old)! The goal is to keep pedaling and have fun.

I have curated several playlists and have shared a few. You can cycle at home to them or just jam out to them anywhere you are. I have many more, but I cannot share all of my stuff!

60 Jams: I picked out songs that I vaguely remember hearing in the car and on 8-tracks with my parents.

Fast & Frantic: Just a fun list of songs that are a bit faster than those on other lists, so we sprint a lot.

Heavy Load: This playlist incorporates a lot of inclines.

Jamming: This playlist is for dancing while on our bikes.

Let’s Do This: Great music to ease the strain of those inclines.

Motown: Definitely a favorite. We sang and danced.

Old School Climbs: Not too far in the way back machine, but definitely older than now.

Riding Gospel: Something new and inspirational. Don’t worry I didn’t preach.

Something to Spin About: A variety of music that makes me smile.

Spin It to Win It: This is my favorite, maybe it is because it was my first list.