Dr. Walker received her Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University, specializing in Public Management and Leadership. She received her Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) from Ball State University while on active duty in the US Army as a maintenance officer and her Bachelors of Science degree in Secondary Education from the University of Alabama.

As an independent researcher, she engages in intellectual activism by conducting and designing research. Implements investigation studies as part of an interdisciplinary research team including executing exhaustive literature reviews and producing. written and oral communication of scholarly work research presentations and publications. Recently her research has focused on the impostor phenomenon, social justice in the Institutional Review Board process, and the effects of yoga on student pharmacists and elementary school students. She has presented at numerous conferences and in 2021 was awarded the Focus Women’s Conference 40 Over 40: celebrating and honoring forty amazing women over forty who have made a mark professionally and impacted their community.

She is the former Program Director, College of Business at South University in Savannah. She also teaches undergraduate and graduate level business classes as well as master’s and doctorate level classes in public and business administration. She is also a frequent guest lecturer for the School of Pharmacy in the cultural competency elective which focuses on diversity. She modified those lectures into a diversity and inclusion module which is now utilized in yoga teacher training. environments.

She has held professional positions as an Army officer, Cargo Services Supervisor, Director of Community Outreach, Housing Education Coordinator, and Production Planner. She has taught Introduction to Women and Gender Studies at the College of Charleston and Human Resource Management and Public Relations at the Art Institute of Charleston.

She is a public speaker, author of Success by Association, Success by Acclamation, The Traits that built African American Women Leaders in the Area of Governance in South Carolina, an academic ebook, a frequent guest columnist in the Moxie section and book reviewer in the Post and Courier, a former regular contributor to Living Roots magazine and a guest blogger on several sites. Her own blog called We Can Fly Higher inspires people, especially women, to think bigger and aim higher. She was also just appointed as a commissioner for the city of Savannah’s recreation department. She completed her 200 yoga teacher training in 2018. She added the Yoga For All (YFA) certification in 2020.

She is a marathoner and triathlete as well as the person who started Black Girls Run! Charleston, which encourages all women to run, walk, and move towards getting healthier. She served as President of the Center for women, as well as positions on various boards such as the Women of Distinction committee for East Carolina Girl Scouts, East Carolina Girl Scout realignment committee, and the allocation committee of Trident United Way. She was a faculty member of the Center for Women’s Leadership Institute, which is designed to teach the skills and strategies necessary for women to become capable and powerful leaders. She also holds certifications in running, pound, and yoga.

She established the Walker Phenomenal Spirit Award that funds women’s dreams. So far, the award has assisted seven women in the fulfillment of their dreams.