Doretha C. Walker, MPA, PhD, is a military veteran, accomplished scholar, and academic professional with a diverse background in education and public administration. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University, a Master’s of Public Administration from Ball State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Alabama. Dr. Walker possesses multiple certifications in areas such as Human Rights Education, Biomedical and Social Behavioral Research, and Conflicts of Interest. Her academic positions include serving as an Independent Scholar engaged in intellectual activism, a Program Director at South University, and an Assistant Professor at various institutions. She has demonstrated expertise in teaching and curriculum development, as well as conducting research and presenting scholarly work. Dr. Walker has also excelled in non-academic roles, such as  Chief Mission Officer at Central Alabama YWCA and Resins Production Planner at DAK AMERICAS, LLC. Her career encompasses a wide range of responsibilities and achievements, including program leadership, strategic planning, budget management, and community outreach. Additionally, she has served in various capacities within the United States Army, showcasing her leadership skills and commitment to excellence. Dr. Walker’s professional journey reflects her dedication to education, social justice, and making a positive impact in both academic and non-academic settings. She recently added a human rights consultant certification to her arsenal.