My Favs

Things I am consuming these days, but of course, they are subject to change at any moment! I turn to them as I walk, cook, or when procrastinating from whatever it is that I am supposed to be doing.


The Manifest it, Sis! Podcast is an empowering space for women of color’s ideal lives to unfold. Danielle Faust, leads you with personal reflections and real-life tips to enable you to create the life you desire.

The Ultimate Affirmation Podcast from Chisa Pennix-Brown aka Mrs. #GIveItToThePeople! Real Ass Affirmations is the raw stuff you need to hear. There is a fair amount of cursing, but it is well justified. I like it because in my head Chisa is one of my besties telling me how to get my act together.

Black Girls Manifest with the Law of Attraction brought to you by Queeningdaily365 is a bit softer than the previous podcast, but just as powerful. This was a wake up call for me.

Wine for Normal People because why not? I love wine and in my own mind, I am a connoisseur. I get historical information and practical tips to immediately equip me in picking out a great wine. And I do quite often. Not so sure about the Halloween candy wine pairings, but you be the judge.

I have written learn Spanish in more New Year’s resolutions than I can count. So not only did I sign up on Babbel I also sporadically listen to A Zero to Hero. It is easy to follow.


I do not rest well and am not a fan of Yoga Nidra yet I know how much I need it. In Tracee Stanely-Newell’s boo RADIANT REST, you’ll learn that Yoga Nidra is more than a technique, it is a state of consciousness and the nurturing quality of the Goddess. And who doesn’t want to be a Goddess?

I just love Octavia Raheem. Her latest Pause, Rest, Be: Stillness Practices for Courage in Times of Change has me mesmerized. Perhaps because it is exactly what I need right now. Resting is hard for me although essential to my being.


Triple ^5 to my brother Jerome Walker for taking his love of fitness to a new level. His abbreviated story: Fundamental in sports, fitness, and nutritional knowledge. Collegiate athletics, briefly. Coached and mentored out of necessity. Understanding we’re getting older. Refusing to feel old. I have taken some of his workouts and they are challenging yet not crushing. My body does not move the way it used to and he is respectful of that while providing the tools to realistically get me to where I want to be without the guilt, shame, or pain.

Want another good fitness and health link? Check out my good friend Victoria Buker. She is a Duke Trained and Certified Integrative Health Coach, American College of Lifestyle Medicine Trained Health Coach, Certified Run Coach/Certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor, Spin Instructor, TRX Instructor, 100 Hr Certified Meditation Teacher/ Creator of the Best Playlist/YOUR COACH.