A word from Doretha


I have always been curious and I love gathering and sharing wisdom. And I love to talk. Not afraid to be in front of the room and deliver. Also been known to use my voice to advocate for others.

My father was in the military so I lived in numerous places and learned to adapt and to make friends quickly. Perhaps this is where my curiosity was born. Later while being in the military myself, I learned to motivate and lead in diverse environments. I appreciate the differences we all bring to the table and have been successful in weaving together viable teams that accomplish the mission.

Growing up and throughout my career, the accomplishments of women were not highlighted. Now I proudly accentuate the accomplishments of women by using #WomenRock. Even more surprising to me I am hearing about endeavors of people of color that were not taught to me in school. So now I use #MoreLearning to emphasize my increased knowledge.

Due to my curiosity about how things operate I have worked in various industries. My first real job was as a maintenance officer in the Army. Later I had leadership roles in transportation, then in the nonprofit arena, chemical manufacturing, airport security, and higher education.

In my current role as an independent scholar, I am able to implement my curiosity in ways that were frowned upon in previous institutions. More than twice, I have been told to keep my voice down and that certain topics were not acceptable for discussion and/or research. Soul-crushing episodes that I with the collaboration with others seek to rectify by conducting our research and presenting at various conferences. Stories and experiences matter.

For the next chapter of my professional life, I want to feed my curiosity, keep talking, and advocating for others. More specifically I desire an opportunity where I have: the ability to conduct workshops, continue with research with includes the areas of social justice, foster friendly and collaborative relationships, design and implement provocative conversations and programs, develop policies and procedures, the capacity to affect change within communities, with a big picture focus on equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

– D

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