Classes #7 and #8 of the needed 7

I DID IT! I managed to get the 7 classes that I needed to make the unlimited pass worth my money plus one extra. Yippee for me! Thanks Stacy and Charleston Community Yoga for an awesome time. And number seven was super sweet. First, Lululemon came and gave us all coconut water and headbands. I more »

Class #6 of the 7 needed

I am almost there! I attended the 6:15am sunrise yoga class at Charleston Community Yoga featuring Stacy Gervon as the instructor. It was difficult getting out of bed this morning, but I am on a mission. This was class #6. Class #7 is well within reach and maybe even class #8. One breath at a more »

Class #5 of the needed 7

I did warm flow yoga today at Charleston Community Yoga. First, let me say that I did not get the lavender towel after class because the instructor ran out. That and the shoulder stand are the only reasons I go to class. Okay, not really, but they are two of the reasons I go. It more »

Classes #3 and #4 of the needed 7

Today I will admit that if I had not bought the unlimited day pass I would have stayed home. I was completely wiped out and I am not sure why. I ran my 1,000th mile this year earlier today and I felt like I ran all of those miles at one time. Oh well. I more »