What doesn’t your resume say about you?

I read an article about things resumes don’t show about you that had me re-examining my own.  And just like the author wrote, my resume does not tell the most interesting things about me. It simply lists my accomplishments which are quite extensive and rather dry. You can read what I wrote about resumes in a previous post.

The problem is that although me and others would love to see resumes that are different from the others, there are formats to be followed. I am not sure who determined how resumes should look, but if I had my way they would look different.

I am in agreement with the author of the article I read when she wrote that it would be great to know how or why a person moved from one job to another. Yes, you can get that from the actual interview. I just think it would be cool to know that in advance. Many people do not even add that to the cover letter. I know I did not.

Why is that important to me? I believe that a person can be taught the technical skills. I think people skills are essential to a company’s success. Plus I want to hire someone who displays adaptability skills. You know, the person who can be flexible and great energy. Don’t you?

My resume also does not tell you how it would be to work with me or how I will fit into your organization. My personality is completed void in my resume other than the types of articles published. My resume does not tell you what excellent written and verbal communication skills mean.

I am not sure how to revamp the resume system. At the present moment I just wish it allowed more of my personality to show through.

I hope this post inspired you to think a bit outside of the norm when you are creating your won resume and when reading others.




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