Ask for what you are worth

As women we need to ask for what we are worth. That is advice that I finally listened to. That is right, I finally negotiated for a higher salary than I was offered.  It was the first time ever. I was afraid to do it. I actually felt guilty. Luckily I did it via email more »

What doesn’t your resume say about you?

I read an article about things resumes don’t show about you that had me re-examining my own.  And just like the author wrote, my resume does not tell the most interesting things about me. It simply lists my accomplishments which are quite extensive and rather dry. You can read what I wrote about resumes in more »

What defines ‘diverse’?

Originally posted in the Moxie section of the Post & Courier on September 2, 2011 I attended a diversity job fair recently. I was actually excited. OK, as excited as one gets about a job fair. I thought this one would be different because this fair, while open to all professional candidates, seemed to be more »