Do not get fired while job hunting

It is easier to find a job when you have a job but do not get fired while job hunting. I actually got caught job hunting a few jobs ago. This was before the Internet. I was faxing my resume and cover letter. I was standing by the fax machine guarding my efforts when I got called away and before I could get back my boss had collected the fax confirmation which had a picture of the first page I faxed. And the first page was my cover letter which he promptly read. Yikes!

I did not get fired, but that put the fear of God in me. I vowed to never ever ever conduct my job search from work again. And I advise you to take the same advice. Yes, we are now in the electronic age so you will not get caught by a fax machine like I did but you can still get caught. Your boss may check your email and web search history. Also when you are at work you are being paid to work. Job hunting is not work. People get fired for that. Yes, you can get another job after bring fired, but let’s not wish for that.

Here are a few other tips:

Keep your job search quiet on your social media sites. Just because you set your privacy settings do not think that your boss will not find out. You never know who amongst your contacts talk to those who should not be aware of your job hunt. On another note, keep your social media activity clean. You want to get hired not fired.

Keep your job search quiet in your conversations at work. You can tell your best friend, your husband/wife, or your parents. The receptionist at work just may have to share your news with someone else and who knows who will hear it next.

Use a personal email address and contact information. No job search correspondence should ever come to your work. It is even wise not to use your company computer, personal computers only.

Continue to do well in your current position. You want to make sure your boss has no reason to terminate you.

Best wishes you your job hunt and I promise not to tell anybody at work!





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