Job Search Over Age 50

Losing your job can be daunting and feel like the waves are overtaking you.  There is hope to search for a job for those of us over 50. I can speak from experience. Here are five things that I encourage you to do if you find yourself in that situation:

Start looking as soon as you can. It might seem easy to take a break and start your job search later, but time has a way of getting away from us. Consider this.

Tell your friends that you are actively searching for work. (Shameless plug for my book Success by Association)

Your resume is pretty extensive. Pick at least 7 things that you do well.  I will discuss this in more detail in my next book Success by Acclamation. But for now this will get you started.

Be realistic and strategic about your next step.  You may have to take a pay cut to get in where you are trying to go.

Do more than just send your resume out to job search websites. I did that and it was very discouraging. Get a leg up with a resume that stands out from the crowd.

I hope this helps you in your job search no matter how old you are! I know it would have helped me.




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