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Dr. Doretha Walker is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and 4 time marathon runner. At 50+ and fabulous, she is crazy for dreams realized, goals reached, perceptions changed, ceilings cracked, runner’s-high, and high heels. Her goal is to inspire you to dig a little deeper, jump a little higher, and run a little longer in your career and in your life.




Are there times when you just do not seem to be rising to the top?

   You have done everything you know how to do but the opportunity just doesn’t seem to be there? The promotion goes to someone else, you didn’t hear about the event that you just know could have changed your life, or you have a million dollar idea but no idea what to do now.

   In Success By Association, Dr. Walker lays out a framework for creating your success in a way that is at once simple and yet effective for taking you to your next level.





[quote]Dr. Walker was an absolute inspiration. She had a wealth of insights.

-Andrea S.[/quote]



   “I wrote this eBook to enable women to look at themselves and understand their value in their relationships, professional or personal. I want women to look at their friendships as strategic alliances and to be comfortable leveraging that alliance to gain their maximum outcome.

   My goal is for women who read this is for them to be more purposeful in their connections, develop and/or refine their leadership skills, and to enjoy greater success. “








–       The value of strategic alliances
–       Why alliances are the key to your success
–       Ways to evaluate your current network
–       Understand the value you bring to your alliances
–       Learn to leverage your current network
–       Tips for establishing new links in your alliances
–       Easy ways to make ‘Networking’ work for you
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[quote]Energized…Confident…with a slight twist of firmness and authority. Dr. Doretha Walker exudes enthusiasm and energy. She draws you in with her experiences and helps you to sort through your own with a positive spin.

Jackee M[/quote]
   “If I had this information at the beginning of my professional career I would have paid more attention to the women who were succeeding instead of the ones I thought were ‘cool’. I would have understood the power of women sticking together for the greater good instead of only seeking counsel from men. For some reason, I thought men were stronger and that I was just one of the lucky women who was just as smart. Now I realize that intelligence and business savvy is not gender dependent. I now know that women are powerful and that together we can create opportunities for other women and level the playing field for all of us.”


[quote]I was so excited to work with Dr. Walker on this project because I attended her program on this topic a few years ago and it transformed how I view my network and professional relationships. It was truly a game changer for me. I am confident that you will feel the same way too. 

Laura O[/quote]