I have been drafted! Not into the military, been there done that, plus am probably too old to go back even if I wanted to. I am joining a fundraising effort for the Kingfisher Discovery Center Project. If you are like me, you never even heard of it. So allow me to tell you about it. I grew up playing outside and not in front of the television, tablet, or any kind of video screen. Yes, I know most of those things were not invented during my childhood and the television went off at 2am.

Anyway, children who grow up without first-hand contact with and love for the natural world are unlikely to be eager to protect and defend our wilderness heritage as adults. There is no better place or organization to provide that contact than the US F&WS and our national wildlife refuges.

Locally, (in Jasper County, SC) there is not a facility to handle large groups of children (school groups, scout groups, etc).  The Kingfisher Pond Discovery Center will provide such a facility and allow many more children to participate in educational activities.

As some of you know I am an avid runner. I run for myself, I run for those I’ve lost, I run for those who no longer can, I run for those who hope to run again. Running provides, me the opportunity to give hope and share knowledge.  Sharing knowledge is important and key to change.  This time I’m running because most people are unaware of the seven wildlife refuges within the Savannah Coastal Refuge Complex, and I wish to promote awareness and gain support for the preservation of these vital resources.

Our team has been tasked to raise $5,000 and participate in a local scavenger hunt competition. So if you can, please donate. Even $1 will get us closer to our goal. Thanks in advance.

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