I visited Blue Sky Endurance for the first time last week. I had heard all about it from it’s inception in the head of my friend and the owner Catherine Burns Hollister for months. She said it was 9 months, but who’s counting? I was excited when she said she just had to take this leap of faith and do her own thing. I was excited for her. I was excited for us, the community at large because there was a void. There are running stores. There are bike stores. There are stores where you can get swimming gear. There was no longer a one stop shop for all, and many of us are triathletes or at least cross train with swimming and biking or spinning.

I had never been in a store that has a pool. Yes, Blue Sky Endurance has a pool. You can even get a stroke analysis to improve your technique.

The bicycles are beautiful. Functional yes, but incredibly beautiful. I got to touch a Cervélo. I am just geeky like that. I had seen them on television, but never in real life.

And there are things for running: shorts, tops, shoes, bras that I had never heard of (in a good way).  There are also nutritional supplements to support your activities, a physical therapist, and groups to assist you on your journey. Most of the items in the store you will not find in other stores, not even in Dick’s. I really like that. And surprisingly, the items are affordable. It isn’t just for the rich and famous.

And if you are worried about parking (I admit I was) there is limited parking on Coleman Blvd., plus a free parking garage located towards the back of The Boulevard as you turn right to go between the 2 apartment buildings.  The first floor is reserved for retail customers.  There is also parking behind GDC on Fairmont Ave. and Coleman Blvd.

I bought a mantra band. Catherine, did as well. Mine says blessed. Hers says ‘She believed she could, so she did”.  And this store proves that she certainly did.

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