Bad things happen when you do too much

Bad things happen to you when you do too much and yes that includes multitasking. You may think you are being more productive doing 15 things at one time, but are you really? And if you get 14 of those things done and goof up the 15th is it worth it? Maybe unless the 15th thing has something to do with putting gas in the car when you had been driving on E for days already. Or if you forgot to pick someone up from daycare. Bad things happen when you do too much.

There is much to be sad for slowing down and paying attention to what is around you. And just as important, paying attention to what you are actually doing. Bad things happen when you do too much. Case in point, my eyes were very itchy due the high amount of pollen. I rubbed my eyes (yes I know better and yes I had my contacts in and yes that was a bad idea). My eyes were very irritated so I removed my contacts and thoroughly cleaned them. I put them back in a couple days later.

My left eye was still very irritated so I took my contacts out and wore my glasses for four days. My eye sight was very distorted in my left eye and it felt like I scratched it. I kept thinking that my eye would get better eventually until I almost drove off of the road because I literally could not see.

I went to the eye doctor in a panic because surely I have something seriously wrong with my eye. I was thinking glaucoma, cataracts and many other things that I found on the Internet. Imagine my surprise when the doctor asked my why I was only wearing a contact in my LEFT eye. I took my my contacts out days ago! So he removed the contact and showed it to me. Bad things happen when you do too much. I was not paying attention. Epic fail on the multitasking.

Another time I was running and before I got to the end I had the urge to start singing Proud Mary by Tina Turner. Not only did I sing it I also started dancing. Not the nice and slow dance at the beginning of the song that would ahve been too easy. I had to do the fast paced dance complete with spins. Any yes before I reached the end of the song I fell. I fell and tore a hole in my brand new running tights. I should have completed my run and then dance. Or just finished the run and skipped the dancing. Bad things happen when you do too much.

Remember that the next time you are preparing for that major presentation, report, or important meeting. Slow down, breathe, pay attention and put your best foot forward. I have forgotten notes, books, and other things which made me appear unprepared and perhaps unprofessional. That is not how I want to be perceived.

Not everything we do requires lightning speed or precision. I am not advocating that you procrastinate. I am advising you to be mindful of the tasks you set out to complete. I am also advising you to pay attention to what is going on around you. Slow down and take your time. Enjoy your surroundings. You do not have to multitask. Bad things happen when you do too much.

 I hope this post gently reminds you to take your time, slow down, and make sure you get the things done that you really need to get done. Bad things happen when you do too much.










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