369 Flights of Daily Devotions is getting closer to being released

369 Flights of Daily Devotions is getting closer to being released. I am very anxious because I have been dreaming of this book for a very long time. Long before the Success series, which is still available if you need copies.

Why did I write 369 Flights of Daily Devotions? I just love daily devotional books. There is something special about having an assignment to read every day before heading out to start the day or turning in for the night. My problem was that life being what it is there were times when I did not read the devotion for the day or days. Then I was behind. At first I would sit down and read all of the ones I missed to catch up. Then I would just skip to where I was supposed to be missing the ones I had not read.

This daily devotional is different. There are no dates or days. There are only numbers and they are there to make sure I gave you 369 devotions. You can read this book daily, more than daily, quarterly, monthly, or whatever frequency you choose. Whenever you start this journey is day one. It does not matter what the date is. No rules. So you will never get behind. You will never have to catch up. You will always be exactly where you are.

Of course you can read it daily. After all it is called 369 Flights of Daily Devotion because some days need more than one. But if you don’t you don’t. It is just that simple. No pressure.


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