Head, swirling around my head this week. The random things I read/thought/heard about this week in no particular order or importance. I have not been focused on any one thing so this week is completely random. I think swirling should be random, don’t you?

  1. I never ate much Ramen, not even in college. I was an instant Campbell soup girl. So these things people do not know about Ramen were interesting, but do not hold much significance. I bet they are interesting to the girl who only eats Ramen. Only eating Ramen is swirling around my head  like those songs that get stuck because it just seems boring and impractical. Plus I am not a huge fan of the taste.
  2. Will we ever move forward? I feel as if I live in the 1950s and I was not even born then. Making birth control available over the counter makes it easy for insurance companies to deny coverage.
  3. I am the self proclaimed poster child for the 50+and fab so I do not feel invisible. I feel absolutely wonderful. Yet there are many of my fellow women who are treated as if they are invisible. Does invisibility happen at a certain age?
  4. Do you ever wonder where the trend of sagging pants originated? I did not, but have heard different stories. I honestly do not care where it started, yet I find it fascinating that it is a trend to start with.
  5. I have been trying to wrap my head around the Ray Rice event. I am also tired of seeing the video splashed on every media outlet. I am more furious about people questioning his victim. Does it matter why she stayed, well maybe it does but more importantly, why is he hitting her? That should be the question on everyone’s mind. That is swirling around in my head and I cannot get it to stop.

This wraps up another segment of what is swirling around my head this week. Next week there will be five more things if I am lucky.

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