Head, swirling around my head this week. The random things I read/thought/heard about this week in no particular order or importance. I have not been focused on any one thing so this week is completely random. I think swirling should be random, don’t you?

  1. Do you get enough sleep? If the phone rings waking you up do you answer it or do you get up to answer the door? If so you are one out of seven people who suffer from sleep drunkenness.
  2. I say it is about time and other states should follow. California legislature passed a ‘yes means yes‘ bill. This will change the way we investigate sexual assaults.
  3. I am not sure this is enough, but it is much more than the NFL has done before regarding punishment for domestic violence. Maybe this is a sign that they are taking it much more seriously. Only time will tell who effective this will be. I hope we do not have to find out.
  4. Are you on track to succeed? Have your goals changed? Do you even like the same things you liked years ago? When is the last time you have taken stock of your attributes?
  5. I am not sure I have just been paying more attention, but there seems to have been a lot killings done by police these days. Is it real or just perception? Find out in this weekly report on police misconduct. 

These are the things swirling around in my head this week. I have no idea what will be swirling next week, if anything.

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