It isn’t that nothing was swirling around my head last week. I think there was just too many things swirling around my head and I did not get around to writing about them. Now I am back to report what’s been swirling this week.

Head, swirling around my head this week. The random things I read/thought/heard about this week in no particular order or importance. I have not been focused on any one thing so this week is completely random. I think swirling should be random, don’t you?

  1. We are not a third world country. This should not be something we need to talk about. This is not should not be a concern of ours and yet sadly it is:  1/3 Of Women Murdered In The U.S. Are Killed By Male Partners.
  2. Now there is a bionic arm that allows people to actually feel textures. This is huge. It seems like real life technology is catching up to science fiction.
  3. I have never bought a Red Bull, but if I did I would definitely want my refund.
  4. I honestly do not know what it is like to gain weight as a professional ballerina. I do know that it can be uncomfortable when your body changes.
  5. As Christians we are taught that we will have everlasting life. It is nice that there is  some scientific proof.

These are the things that were swirling around my head. Next week there might be something different.

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