It isn’t that nothing was swirling around my head last week. I think there was just too many things swirling around my head and I did not get around to writing about them. Now I am back to report what’s been swirling this week.

Head, swirling around my head this week. The random things I read/thought/heard about this week in no particular order or importance. I have not been focused on any one thing so this week is completely random. I think swirling should be random, don’t you?

  1. Does how you look have an impact on your performance? There is actually research out there that shows it does. The better we look the better our performance. I think it is a mental thing. When I feel awesome I tend to perform the same way.
  2. Are you proud of your accomplishments? Do you talk about them to others? You should and there are many reasons why. In fact, I wrote a book about it that will give you detailed instructions on how to toot your own horn. Whether you buy my book or not, talk about your accomplishments to better your career.
  3. Trying to lose weight? Adding caffeine in your underwear will not make it easier. Yes, that is right. You can get caffeinated underwear. I think I will pass on this trend.
  4. Are you a confident woman? What are the things that you do that women who aren’t confident do not do? Do you know?
  5. Scandal is back on television. I just love Olivia Pope’s clothes. Now we can all get clothing inspired by the show.

That is what has been swirling around in my head this week. Who knows what will be in it next week. I certainly don’t.

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