If I went to Spain, I know I will fall in love with Spanish food which I cannot find here. I have had paella, but my first time experiencing this dish was at a Portuguese restaurant in New Jersey many years ago. I loved it so much that I make it at home. Of course, my version is a lot different than the dish I originally had. Partly because I do not really remember that dish, partly because I do not have time to cook it all day, partly because of local ingredients, and partly because I am American and my taste buds like certain things certain ways.

In light of my love of food and travel, I thought I would check out foods that I could get while I am in Spain. Which means that I should plan a trip there soon. I have had chorizo, sangria, churros, and empanadas which are all on this list. But it would be much more fun to go to Spain. And of course, my junior high Spanish requires a lot of tweaking. And there was that brief stint of Spanish I did at Berlitz in Charleston. Yeah, I have a lot of work to do. My goal is to be able to move around the country with the ability to ask for directions, order off of the menu, ask for my correct size in shoes (because, well do I need to explain?), and of course, find the restroom. I am not asking for much., but I better get started.

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