My review of the Bonk Breaker Energy Bars

Today my roadie (Debora) and I ate 10 miles for breakfast at 6am. I needed to review Bonk Breaker energy bars and I knew it would be more fun to do it with a friend, another 50 plus and fabulous friend.bonk breaker packages

I generally eat an Uncrustable on my long runs, so I was a bit skeptical about eating a Bonk Breaker instead. Also, I had just lectured another friend about trying something new on a long run and here I was doing just that. I decided that I could not get the true measure of the product if I did not test it under the same circumstances that I would actually use it. So I humbly apologize, Yvonne. I get it now. You were right. Yes, I admit it.

There are over 10 flavors and I choose two: peanut butter and chocolate chip and almond butter and honey. I passed on the apple pie, expresso chip, and the others. I did not want anything too adventurous and I thought a tiny bit about stomach distress. Just a tiny bit.

These bars are very moist, which I was not expecting. They sort of reminded me of a brownie; chewy without being gummy. That was certainly a plus. They were easy to chew and they were filling without being heavy in my stomach. I did not feel the need to guzzle down liquid afterwards. More importantly, they tasted good. Plus, every bar is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, with ingredients we can pronounce and that our bodies recognize and baked fresh weekly. bonk breaker nakedI like that.

Debora and I agreed that we liked both and that we would definitely buy either one again or both. The peanut butter and chocolate chip one was a bit sweeter, but not so sweet that we wanted to gag. Debora liked that one the best. I preferred the almond butter and honey one because it was not as sweet. However, I would eat either one again.

I do wonder if they will get sticky and icky in my pocket when it gets hot outside. I do not want to have to think about washing my hands after eating one and I do not want to wipe my hands on my shorts, shirt, or legs. I am probably worrying about nothing since they are the official energy bars of the Ironman triathlon series.

I give the Bonk Breaker peanut butter and chocolate chip and almond butter and honey5 high fives. I am not sure I will buy Uncrustables again.

You can find this and other awesome nutrition at Fleet Feet Sports Mt. Pleasant.

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  1. Mohamed Morang

    Energy bars, like all food, supply the body with physical energy, as measured in calories or joules. Energy drinks, by contrast, are intended to improve mental energy by stimulating the central nervous system, usually with moderate to large doses of caffeine.“

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  2. I’ve tried the cherry almond flavor, which belongs to the Bonk Breaker line of bars with more protein, and I love them. They even made it into my personal Top 5.

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