In the meantime, the space in between. What do you do when you are tired of struggling financially? When you need just a little bit to make it easier to breathe? When you have sent out so many resumes with no positive responses that you start to doubt that you worthy of being employed? When you start to wonder if you are even qualified for the job you do have?

It is not that I make a bad salary. I don’t. It is just that commuting is costing me money, my student loans payment increased substantially this year, my current job does not pay for relocation, and on top of that-life happened and just keeps on happening and not in a good way.

I am not sure what took me so long, but I finally took a part time gig. I think part of the hesitation was that I felt I should not have to take a second job. After all I have a PhD. Shouldn’t I be making a lot of money? Please feel free to laugh at any moment. Obviously I did not do my homework prior to getting this degree. But to be honest, I actually got the degree to prove to myself that I was smart. Again, feel free to laugh.

After talking with a colleague who was talking about her second job or her student loan repayment gig I took a part time gig. It isn’t much. It only pays $8.50 an hour which is above the minimum wage believe it or not. I can only work the maximum of 8 hours a week. But that tiny amount helps cushion things. What am I doing? I have ventured into the world of retail. Yup, the world of apparel pushers. And yes, you can laugh if you so desire.

On the bright side, I am acquiring skills that I honestly did not have such as operating a cash register and making change. I am honing the skills I already had: customer service, connecting with other women, being cheerful, complimenting, public relations, and styling. It is the first time I am punching a clock. I can honestly say that I do not take my work home. There is nothing to take home although we get amazing discounts. I am definitely outside of my comfort zone and I am surviving.

So if you find yourself in the meantime, look around and figure out what you can do for you. Asking others for help is great, but do not want for that. What can you do that will give you a little bit of breathing room? Can you do something you enjoy? Can you find work that you do not have to take home with you? Can you do something that will provide you with another marketable skill?

Take one step at a time. And then take small steps. Google can be your best friend. Look for assistance with your mortgage, credit cards, food, or anything else. Remember in the meantime is the space between. It won’t last forever. You can be victorious, so eat cupcakes!

“When you feel unprotected, unsupported and unprepared to take care of yourself, your insides will feel if you have been through a train wreck. The best way to describe this experience is that you are having a head on body collision between your wannabe and your can never be.”
Iyanla Vanzant, Peace from Broken Pieces

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