Originally posted in Skirt magazine on September 1, 2015.  My good friend asked me to send her a few words about what I love about me for inclusion in the September Skirt magazine’s issue titled It’s good to be me. I must admit that when she asked me I sat there staring into space not really sure what I loved about myself because that is what happens when you are in the meantime.

So this was a very good exercise for me. I had to focus on the positive things in my life and there are many. I had to think about just what I wanted people to know about me. I did not want to just copy from my website, but I wanted to remain consistent.

I could not figure out how to copy and paste my response here, so let me just share with you what I wrote:

I love that I am 50 plus, fabulous and comfortable in my own skin. I love that I do not apologize for taking up space even when I am not invited. I love that I have failed many many times and plan to fail many more because that means I am still daring enough to try. I love that I run at least 100 miles a month. I love that I will almost sell my soul for a great cupcake with buttercream frosting. And most of all I love that fact that I am an amazing sistergirlfriend.

So that is what I wrote and it is all true. I just need to remind myself of this every now and then and again.

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