Dr. Doretha Walker Scholarship Fundraiser

Something amazing happened. My Veterans Place Savannah created a scholarship fund in my name! That is right, there is a scholarship named after your girl! Sweet, sweet, sweet. I love getting my flowers while I am alive to enjoy them. But enough about me. This scholarship will be a blessing to someone. I am ecstatic to see the impact this will have. And of course, I donated because how can I ask others to donate if I don’t? Plus I want it to succeed. Creating a positive impact on the lives of others is part of my life’s mission.

Right here right now there is $850 donated. The goal is $2,500 so only 1,650 to go. That is 330 more people giving $5, 66 more people giving $25, 33 people giving $50, or 16.5 more people giving $100. I will admit that I have yet to meet half of a person. Even people with physical disabilities show up as their complete selves and are counted as such.

Thanks in advance for donating.

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