Doretha Walker’s thoughts swirling around my head

Doretha Walker’s thoughts. Yes, my thoughts swirling around my head this week. The random things I read/thought/heard about this week in no particular order or importance. I have not been focused on any one thing so this week is completely random. I think swirling should be random, don’t you?

  1. It is no secret that I was not happy about the election results. I will also admit that some good came out of it. Mia Love appeared. Okay, it is unfair to say that she just appeared. What I should say is that I am now aware of the Haitian-American, a woman, daughter of immigrants, Mormon, Republican and from Utah who was just elected to Congress. Despite or in spite of your party affiliation, Mia is awesome. 
  2. I do not ever remember being called a Negro, but perhaps I was a long time ago. I will warn you not to call me that now and I do not care that the Army, that’s right the United States Army says that word was okay to use just a few months ago.  Yes, I am glad they amended that policy yet am confused how it was approved in the first place. Was it a test to see if we were paying attention?
  3. I am afraid of clowns. There I said it. I honestly cannot explain it. I have never been bitten, attacked, or frightened by one. In fact I used to collect ceramic ones. It is somewhat comforting to know that I am not alone in my fear. And now that there is a decline in ‘licensed’ clowns I think I am even more scared. Bear in mind that I am not sure I ever saw a ‘licensed’ clown except in the circus, or did I? I do not know the difference.
  4. Who thinks about breaking the Internet? Apparently Kim Kardashian West does. She posed nude this week and that has generated a lot of conversation. I honestly have no thoughts on the matter. She is a business woman and I am sure somehow this will benefit her financially. Are people just angry that she has that advantage if that is what it is? I am not sure I would do the same thing, but that is exactly what life is about choices, decisions, and judgment calls.
  5. I am a firm believer in the stories of others. We all have a story and we should definitely share them.  When we tell our stories we should tell them genuinely. Not with embellishments. Just with the raw honest facts. This bit of advice as well as others was passed along by some amazing women. I am happy that I have similar thoughts.

Doretha Walker’s thoughts. This is exactly what has been swirling around in my head this week.

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