Class #1 of the needed 7

Today is my first class of the necessary seven that I need to make my $50 monthly pass worth it. Charleston Community Yoga has an unlimited monthly pass for the month of December. The price per class is $8, so I need to attend at least 6.25 classes to get my money’s worth. That should be easy. I generally go to at least 3 classes a week unless I buy monthly passes and then for SOME reason or another, I do not get to class. Not this time. This time I am making an extra effort to go.

I will admit that if I wasn’t on this quest, I may have skipped class this morning. I was exhausted and was moving in slow motion. I reluctantly took my place in the back of the room and just sat there somewhat dreading the class. I don’t really dread it, it just takes me about 10 minutes to fully turn my head off and engage in the class. It takes that long to stop thinking about whatever it is that I am thinking about. It also takes about that long for my downward facing dogs to feel good.

Emily Shoemaker who loves power yoga taught today’s class. Let me start by saying that I have a yoga crush on Stacy Gervon, so taking classes from others takes a bit getting used to. I have never done so many regular planks, high planks, side planks, one-armed planks, and one-legged planks in my whole life. At one point I thought my arms were going to fall off.  I also think my abs ran away after all of the several of crunches that we did.

I did mange to flip my dog without kicking my friend Sandy who was on the right of me. I even managed to maintain my balance in eagle pose and even flowed nicely into warrior three with eagle arms. My proudest moment was the five or so seconds that I held the crow pose. Yes, with both feet off of the ground.

I did not fare so well in the hero, mermaid, or wheel poses. There is always next time and I have at least 6 more classes to go this month. Class #2 will be Tuesday at 6:15am. Any takers?


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