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Guest Post for as originally published May 12, 2011


by Doretha Walker

I think I have always been waiting for my THING to come, but more recently the search has become much more urgent since I no longer have a full time job. I am learning, however, that the THING will not be rushed and I hope will not be delayed. I cannot tell you exactly what my THING is because I have yet to obtain it. I will know it the minute it arrives. Don’t be jealous because my THING is not the same thing as your THING. We all get our own. That is how the universe works. Everyone gets at least one THING. Your THING is coming. The key is to recognize that and not settle for less.

How do I know we each get our own thing? I know because whenever I get something that someone else raves about, rarely do I feel euphoric. I want what I want and you want what you want, and our wants are rarely the same thing. I can be happy when you get your THING and maybe a tab bit envious, but generally that THING is not on my list of things to do, and therefore it is not mine.

Although I do not know exactly what my THING is, I do know what it isn’t. It does not involve math, steel-toed boots, hard hats, safety glasses, or swimming in open water. It will probably include writing, speaking, empowering others, smiling, and traveling. In all honesty, I would love a regular column.

I told the placement counselor that I was looking for an out of the box project.  That is because I do not want to discount any of my skills and experience. I just want to apply them in a different way. He said he understood. I am glad because there is no way I can know all of the potential job possibilities that exist and maybe my THING is everything I think it is woven with something that I never knew existed.

My thoughts on the subject are not always rosy. Waiting for my THING brings some bad days. When McDonalds advertised that it was hiring 50,000 people across the nation, I was tempted to head to there and apply to be a French fry cooker. There is a story in that, but that is for another time. Long story short, I did not go. I will admit that I think about applying at every establishment I pass that says hiring. I even had an interview for what I was so sure was my THING, but it did not work out.

I am sure that I will find my THING because I deserve it. I have put up with some pretty crappy jobs, situations, and paid my dues too many times not to get it. Plus, I believe in it. It is coming. I may have to take another detour in order to put food on my table, but I promise not to sell my soul to the devil in the process this time. It is so hard to get it back.

In the meantime I will continue teaching part-time at the Art Institute, training for my third triathlon and working diligently on finishing my dissertation. Check back with me in a month or so, and I will give you an update.

Are you waiting for your Thing?

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