Job Search Over Age 50

Losing your job can be daunting and feel like the waves are overtaking you.  There is hope to search for a job for those of us over 50. I can speak from experience. Here are five things that I encourage you to do if you find yourself in that situation: Start looking as soon as more »

Feminine Mystique Panelist

October 22, 2013 How Far Have We Come? Fifty Years After the Feminine Mystique. Doretha Walker, Panelist A panel discussion in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of Betty Friedan’s book, The Feminine Mystique.  Presented by the College of Charleston in conjunction with the Center for Women.     Share this…emailFacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedin

Guest Column | Post and Courier

Guest Column for the Post and Courier December 2, 2011 ROLE MODELS LIKE HILL MATTER Doretha Walker I was among hundreds of women who all had Anita Hill stories that they proudly told to everyone within earshot. Some people said that Hill gave a voice to hundreds, if not thousands, of victims. More spoke of more »