FINALLY! It has taken a very long time, but now I can say advanced copies of my book 369 Flights of Daily Devotion are now available. I am very excited about its arrival and will have a proper author’s sales page up soon. The ebook will be available soon as well.

I cannot stop saying it, an advanced copy of my book is now available. In case you have forgotten or did not get the earlier memo, 369 Flights of Daily Devotion (because some days need more than one) was taken from my blog We Can Fly High. That blog was written because I needed a place to go when I felt it sucked to be me. I needed a place where I could cry, laugh, love, and live without judgment. It was the place I went for my pep talk. I started the blog on May 17, 2008. That is close to 2000 posts. I just could not leave them on the blog. I wanted to share them others. So naturally it had to be a book and this is the book that I have wanted to read for a very long time.

During this journey I invite you to really examine yourself. Discover your naked truths. Answer the questions honestly (you do not have to share the answers with anyone). Use them a tool to align your life with your best intentions. Live the lessons. Try harder to move out of your own way and don’t beat yourself up too much when you don’t. and if you haven’t already, earn your own respect.

Remember, we all are flying. Flying being defined as succeeding. Succeeding defined however you decide. We are simply here to tell you sistergirlfriend, YOU CAN FLY!

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