Book Review | The Winner Effect

THE WINNER EFFECT: The Neuroscience of Success And Failure. By Ian H. Robertson. St. Martin’s Press. 320 pages. $25.99. Why are some people winners and others are not? In “The Winner Effect,” Ian Robertson examines whether winners are born or made, in psychological and biological terms, using a diverse sample population. The interweaving of real-life more »

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Guest Blog | Black Girls Run

  Guest post as originally published on  December 13, 2011 Running Like a Rock Star by Doretha Walker I am not a rock star, I am not even an elite runner, but for the Rock ‘n Roll Savannah half marathon, I felt like one. Let me explain, I have run many halves before, but more »

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Black Women on the Move Georgette Mayo, 54, never wanted to run until she read about Ernestine Shepherd, a 74-year-old bodybuilder who runs about 40 miles a week. “I always just walked,” says Mayo. “If anyone were to tell me this time last year that I’d be running, I would have said, ‘No way.’ “ more »

Guest Column | Post and Courier

Guest Column for the Post and Courier December 2, 2011 ROLE MODELS LIKE HILL MATTER Doretha Walker I was among hundreds of women who all had Anita Hill stories that they proudly told to everyone within earshot. Some people said that Hill gave a voice to hundreds, if not thousands, of victims. More spoke of more »