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S by Acc iMac-Flat-Mockup-web   So many people, women in particular, have a hard time telling others what they have done. What they don’t realize is that this weakness is suffocating their opportunities to advance in business and in life. I attribute the fact that I am able to speak about my accomplishments to having more opportunities to do what I love and in my profession and in the community. The benefit of being able to speak your value is that it opens you up to new possibilities to grow and be a value to the world.

   Are there times when you just do not seem to be rising to the top? You have done everything you know how to do but the opportunity just doesn’t seem to be there? The promotion goes to someone else or you have a million dollar idea but no idea what to do now.  Success By Acclamation, lays out a framework for creating your success in a way that is at once simple and yet effective for busting past what is holding you back.



Part workbook and part game plan with a dash of inspiration, it’s more than 50 pages of get-your-groove-back direction and practical advice for upping your game.


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“Doretha Walker infuses people with energy and purpose. Leading young women through a challenge activity, she deftly moves people in and out of roles and tweaks the rules so that nobody ever gets too comfortable. The result is a noisy room full of passionate young women learning the toughest lessons of leadership—how to draw out strengths while minimizing weaknesses in order to work as a team to solve problems. At NEW Leadership South Carolina, Doretha’s workshop ranks as a favorite!”  

Lynne E. Ford, Associate Provost for Curriculum and Academic Administration

    “I wrote this book to enable women to look at themselves and understand their value and to be able to speak it confidently in personal and professional settings. I want women to view their accomplishments as the building blocks of their success instead of feeling like they are just working hard without recognition.  It all starts being comfortable speaking your value.

   My goal is for women who read this is to be able to own their value and be more purposeful in their connections. This book lays out how to develop their personal narrative that will lead them to greater success.”








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Realize the value of your accomplishments

How your accomplishments are the key to your success

How to tell your story in a way that engages people and showcases your value to an organization

How to think of your accomplishments strategically

How not talking about your accomplishments may hinder you

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“Doretha Walker is a FORCE. Her presence, energy and expertise hep bring projects, goals and dreams into fruition. Working with and learning from Doretha continues to be a highlight of my personal and professional experience.”

Jennifer Dyer Buddin; President, Every Busy Woman LLC 


In this new book, I dive into how to speak your value so that a world of opportunity can open up to you. I talk about why so many women don’t talk themselves up and how that is negatively impacting their professional lives. I am so proud of this work. I know that it is going to change lives. I hope you enjoy it.


“Doretha Walker is a consummate speaker and facilitator. She holds sway over her audiences with humor, confidence and a knowledge base that is vast and deep.”

Jennet Robinson Alterman


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DORETHA-WALKER-OLSEN-IMAGERY-2013-round-web-7833Dr. Doretha Walker is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and 3 time marathon runner. At 50+ and fabulous, she is crazy for dreams realized, goals reached, perceptions changed, ceilings cracked, runner’s-high, and high heels. Her goal is to inspire you to dig a little deeper, jump a little higher, and run a little longer in your career and in your life.