Swirling around in my head

My head, swirling around in my head this week, these are the random things I read/thought/heard about this week in no particular order or importance except for the first one. That one really hurt and still weighs heavy on my mind and my heart:

  1. Sad, so sad. A brilliant light extinguished so soon. RIP Josh Ratliff.
  2. I love being near the ocean. I wish I could look out of my window and see it. That is my dream. Here are some reasons to love the ocean. Are any of them yours or do you have others?
  3. Do you know what restaurants do with their leftover food? I have always wanted to know. In case you are interested, here is the answer. Are you surprised?
  4. No, I am not married. No, I do not have children. And no, I do not have cats. And please do not ask me why.
  5. I can no longer donate blood because I was in Europe during the outlawed years because I may have mad cow disease and there is no test for it. I thought that was crazy, but not after reading this article about the disease being discovered in Texas.

What is swirling around in your head? I want to know.

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