Using my voice

I like to talk and I have been fortunate to be able to share my voice. Sometimes it is my actual voice. Other times it is my presence. And some times it is my writings.

My dear friend Victoria Buker created an event to raise money for blood pressure cuffs in support of the Preeclampsia Foundation. I am registered. Yes, I will do 140 miles in 90 days. That is what friends do for friends and it’s a great cause.

This is the podcast belonging to Lisa Nelson one of my fiercest bad-assed sistergirlfriends. She gave me the space to speak my truth and here it is. Fasten your seat belts, it ain’t all pretty. No more kumbaya.

If you need an in your face keeping it real course on social justice and history, check this out. I created this for an online yoga teacher training, but it works for anyone and the proceeds go to the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).