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South University courses taught


BUS7000 Introduction to the Professional Doctorate

This course focuses on student familiarity with the doctoral structure and program resources at South University. The class discusses how the program is appropriate to those seeking to further their careers in higher education and business pursuits. The course sets the stage for students to understand the responsibilities of those who hold a terminal degree to provide teaching, scholarship, and service to the academic and professional communities they serve. Topics include the online library, how to analyze and critique the work of others, an overview of preliminary exams, the dissertation process, and opportunities to serve in academic/professional communities as students and professionals. Additional topics to be covered may include research in business, ethics in business research, thinking like a researcher, and an overview of the research process and style.

MGT7100 Seminar in Organizational Behavior

Doctoral level course focusing on topics related to individual behavior including individual personality, decision making, motivation, satisfaction, positive and negative reactions at work, conflict, and impression management. Students will be exposed to literature reviews of weekly topics and will discuss how to develop appropriate literature reviews for peer reviewed journals. The class will also begin to examine the basic design of research articles and analyze the research paradigms employed at the individual level of analysis. This course will incorporate research concepts being covered in the first research methods course. Students will also develop resources to be used in teaching the course topics.


LEA6175 International Leadership

This course examines international issues and challenges the leaders face. Topics include historical and contemporary perspectives of international leadership and the influence of international cultures and politics on the practice and outcomes of leadership.

MPA6001-Research and Data Analysis in Public Administration
This course explores the concepts, principles, and methods of research in public administration, with application to administrative functions and decision making.
MPA6999-Strategic Challenges in Public Administration
This course integrates knowledge, skills, and abilities from a wide variety of content areas to better meet the challenges faced by public administrators. Topics may include developing organizational strategy, executing decision making, shaping the planning process, and managing of organizational change.
MPA6110 – Management for Non-Profit Organizations
This course explores the history, growth, and evolution of the non-profit organizations and examines the critical management and leadership challenges facing the professional manager in the non-profit sector. Topics may include the role of the executive team, board of directors, full-time staff, and volunteers in identifying and realizing the mission of a non-profit organization. In addition, students will study the legal framework and requirements for non-profit organizations including those pertaining to lobbying and electoral politics.
MPA6100 – Nonprofit Fundraising and Volunteer Development

This course explores the goals, processes, and activities associated with fundraising and resource development including the resources provided by volunteers in the nonprofit sector. Topics include annual and capital campaign development, special events, planned giving, communication strategies, stakeholder relationships, automation techniques, and volunteer procedures (including recruitment, training, and recognition). The course will also address legal reporting requirements pertaining to contributions.MPA5001 – Foundations of Public Administration

This course provides students with an overview of public administration and examines the political, social, institutional, and organizational setting in which practitioners in public administrators function.

MPA5005 – Public and Nonprofit Organizational Behavior

This course addresses the issues of motivation, leadership, and communication within public and nonprofit organizations. Included are negotiation, conflict resolution, and team building. Special attention will be paid to the unique character of public and nonprofit organizations operating with a mission of public service and within the context of the political leadership and public constituencies.

MBA6501 – Strategic Human Resources Management

This course explores human resources from a strategic perspective to help an organization achieve its goals. Topics may include investments in human resources, workforce demographic trends, theories of human resource management, workforce training and development, workforce utilization and assessment, and performance management systems.

MPA5010 – Public and Nonprofit Budgeting and Accounting

This course examines the management of public funds and the preparation and administration of their related budgets. Basic accounting and financial management functions most relevant to public administration are examined, including the roles of treasury, comptroller, and auditing. Topics may include revenue projections, expenditure controls, fiscal management, the relevance of public policy in establishing budgetary priorities, and the utilization of information and accounting systems. Course will also include accounting and auditing requirements particular to nonprofit organizations.

MPA6501 – State and Local Government and Intergovernmental Relations

This course analyzes the structure, principles, and operation of state and local government in the United States. It examines the governmental interrelationships contained in the American Federal system. Topics may include the analysis of the executive, legislative, and judicial functions of state and local governments, with special attention paid to the similarities and differences among the levels and branches of government as well as the complementary and conflictual relationships between the state and federal government levels.

MBA6505 – Organizational Development And Change Management

This course explores the theoretical grounding and practical approaches necessary to effectively diagnose organizational problems, develop intervention approaches, and implement organizational solutions. Topics include entering and contracting, organizational diagnostic models, organizational surveys, change impediments, managing the change process, organizational/interpersonal/group interventions, and evaluation approaches.


BUS3001 Ethics in Organizations

This course is designed to present ethical principles and decision-making models for people in organizations. Making ethical choices in a variety of personal and organizational situations is covered.

BUS3041 Managerial Communications

This course will help students to develop leadership skills through improved communication. Focus will be on those types of communication encountered in management functions: creating documents, presentations, leadership, managing meetings, building teams, internal and external organizational communication and professional career preparation.

MGT2037-Principles of Management
The latest major approaches and techniques of management are studied, including planning, systems management, new organizational concepts, computer influence, controlling, and quantitative measurement.
BUS1101-Introduction to Business
A basic exposure to business principles, functions, and practices that prepares students with the knowledge to pursue specific areas of study associated with business enterprise such as economics, marketing, finance, human resource management, information technology, operations, ethics, and entrepreneurship.
MGT2040-Foundations of Strategic Negotiation
This course explores the terminology, theories, and application of negotiations in a wide variety of organizational contexts. The primary focus for this class is single party negotiations although concepts related to multiparty and complex negotiations will be introduced. Consideration will be given to defining a successful negotiation outcome as well as to the behaviors and strategies that contribute to negotiation success.


  • Add More Joy in Your Life (Oct 2018, FOCUS Women and Business Conference, Mobile, AL)
  • Pilgrimage to Sacred Spaces: Commemorating Selma (Aug 2018)
  • Panelist on the Black Women’s Equality Day brunch (Aug 2018)
  • Rethinking Community, Wake Forest, NC (Oct 2017)
  • Judge for the National Distinguished Young Woman Competition (formerly the Junior Miss Pageant) (June 2015)
  • Leadership South Carolina (May 2014-2018)
  • Stand Up, Step Up, And Stomp: My Ideas on Empowering Women and Eliminating Racism (April 2013)
  • Handling Criticism with Dignity and Grace (March 2013)
  • Networking with a Purpose (February 2013)
  • Effective Communication (January 2013)
  • Job Search Workshop for the Center for Women (September 2012)
  • It’s Okay to Toot Your Own Horn for the Women’s Leadership Institute, Center for Women (May 2012)
  • Behind Every Great Woman are More Great Women for the Women’s Leadership Institute, Center for Women (February 2012 and October 2012)
  • Using Social Media to enhance your business – How to use Facebook, Twitter & UTube to promote your business! (February 2012)
  • The Power of Networking for the Orangeburg, SC National Administrators Day Luncheon (April 2011)
  • How to Get out of Credit Card Debt for the Center for Women’s Brown Bag Lunch Series (June 2002)
  • How to Buy a Car for the Center for Women’s Brown Bag Lunch Series (May 2002)                     
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