M5 21 Day Challenge

I am all about educating people to become more fit. Keeping in this vibe starting February 3rd I am hosting a 21-day fitness challenge with two other awesome women. Why 21 days? Research shows that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit.


I want to help others start a new healthy habit or tweak a current one. I believe in this so strongly that my brother, sister, and a few friends are now part of my team.


This challenge is not all about losing weight although that will probably happen. It is about eating better: we have plenty of recipes for meals. There are even pictures to make you salivate and want to cook. You will not get bored because there are many options.


There is also nutritional counseling and natural supplements that can assist you in taking your fitness to the next level. I take the supplements and participants will be able to read my comments on all of them. And no, I do not like all of them.


It is also about fitness: we have 100+ workout videos to choose from and suggestions will be made. I love the fact that I can choose workouts by the amount of time I have available and let me tell you, those 15 minute workouts are no joke. There are many workout programs to try including 5K, 10K, and half marathon training plans. Awesome!


Most of all it is about succeeding: not only will the participants have me and two others to personally guide them, there are many encouraging videos to watch.


And finally it is about a team: there is a private community that only those on the team can visit. We talk about our workouts, high five and cheer each other on. With that combination, it will be very difficult not to become more fit in 21 days taking one day at a time with new friends.

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