I’m saving money. I do not live lavishly so finding ways to reduce my expenditures was tough. I thought about eliminating or at least downsizing the items/services that I rarely use. And I figured a few out.

The first saving money thing I did was to stop shopping retail (unless I really needed something specific and immediate). Since I have most of the basics covered (black skirt, white shirt, black pants, and so on) I only needed supplemental items to jazz up my wardrobe.

So I went with my friend Shari to the Community Thrift Store.  This store is different than Goodwill because each item is priced separately. I bought a suede skirt for 99 cents, a brand new jacket with the tags that sold in Macy’s for $200. It takes some hunting, but the savings are well worth it. In case you are interested, they seem to have many London Fog coats. In fact I bought a wool one for $9.99.

If you choose to follow my example, make sure you look at the clothing carefully. There are no refunds or returns. Look for stains, rips, and just bad craftsmanship.

The second saving money thing I did was to contact Comcast. My bill was just over $100 up from around $80 because my year of the special price was over. I am now paying around $70 a month. Of course my service is reduced and I no longer have Food Network, TLC, Bravo, Oprah, CNN, MSNBC, TNT, and a few other channels. But I gained HBO. I would rather have the others, but I can watch them online. And when I get a new television I will be able to stream most of my shows online so I will be able to ditch Comcast. But hey, one step at a time.

I commute a lot so having a million channels that I hardly ever watched was not practical. And like I said, I am saving money.

If you want to reduce your bill, contact your provider via the online chat. This is what I wrote: I am having trouble affording my current bill, and would like to know if there are any local promotions that I may be eligible for to help me lower it. I’d really like to resolve this so that I can remain a customer. Feel free to use this or modify it for your own use.

The third saving money thing I did was dumping AT&T. Yes, I know I could just dump my home phone, but for some reason right now I want to keep it. I went to Walmart. Yeah, the place I hate. But I needed to buy Basic Talk. It gives me unlimited calls within the United States, no annual contract, crystal clear calling, no cost to keep my phone number, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and 911 all for $9.99 a month. The device was $9.95.

Basic Talk transfers my phone number so I do not have to contact AT&T. This transfer will save me about $100 a month.

Stay tuned and as I more ways of saving money I will share the wisdom.




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