Ask for what you are worth

As women we need to ask for what we are worth. That is advice that I finally listened to. That is right, I finally negotiated for a higher salary than I was offered.  It was the first time ever. I was afraid to do it. I actually felt guilty.

Luckily I did it via email so the decision maker could not see me sweating. I was afraid that they would resend the offer because I was being ungrateful. I doubt that happens much. In the end I did not get what I asked for, but I got much more than I was originally offered. Not bad for my first time. And you can bet that I will be doing from here on out.

Before you ask for a raise or make a counter-offer to your starting salary consider these things:

What are your salary needs? Determine how much money do you need to cover your lifestyle.

Research the market value for the job and the practices of your company. This will tell you what your position is worth. My one of my previous places of employment it was standard practice to pay employees in the middle of the market range.

They offered you the job for a reason. You were the most qualified. Acknowledge that fact and ask for what you are worth. Conduct the meeting with confidence.

Prepare for objections. Try to think of the reasons you may be told no.

If you do not get the increase you asked for all is not lost. Just because you deserve a raise or higher salary there may be factors that prohibit that action.

I hope this post made you think about your worth and that you take the tools given to ask for the raise that you deserve. Please tell me about your experience.




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