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  • From my vantage point
    I tried to get this article published four years ago. No one wanted it. And I sincerely tried. I reached out to everyone I knew. I submitted it to every magazine and page I could. I wasn’t writing on my blog or website so I just stopped trying. Well, since more »
  • From my vantage point
    I am back. It has been a long road. This time the outcome I wanted happened, but not in the way that I wanted it to and I am stuck in the meantime in-between time. It is a very uncomfortable place to be. And I am at the end of more »
  • Spanish food
    If I went to Spain, I know I will fall in love with Spanish food which I cannot find here. I have had paella, but my first time experiencing this dish was at a Portuguese restaurant in New Jersey many years ago. I loved it so much that I make more »
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